Grace Point Community Church (GPCC) was birthed as a church plant of a Korean-American church, New Life Baptist Church of Atlanta (NLBC). The vision and mission for GPCC was founded during the summer of 2007.

David Hong was called to serve as the English-speaking-ministry pastor of NLBC in 2001. Over the course of his pastorate, David examined the issues of health, growth, and the constant struggles of the local churches, English-speaking ministries, and more specifically, its people. After much observation, prayer, and study, David was compelled to return to the New Testament to discern and re-establish the “who”, the “what”, and the “why” of the church. That consequently led to the formation and clarification of the vision, mission, and strategy for Grace Point Ministries (GPM) and Grace Point Community Church: a focus on kingdom growth and disciple-making.