UPDATE: Due to public health concerns related to COVID-19, GPCC will not have an in-person worship services until further notice. Instead, we will do a livestream at 11am.


Supremacy of Christ (Worship)

God the Father magnifies the supremacy of His glory through Jesus Christ. All things have been made by Him and for Him. In Him all things hold together.

Commitment to Biblical Authority

God has spoken to us through the Bible and it is, for us, the final authority for all things of life.

Spiritual Maturity (Discipleship)

We believe a transformation by the renewing of the mind leads to the discerning of the will of God over our lives. We emphasize both the individual and corporate devotion to prayer and study in God’s Word. Intimacy with God will determine the quality and direction of our lives.

Authentic Community (Fellowship)

We value the fact that the church is a family. The strength and health of a family is demonstrated through the way relationships within the family develop. We continually seek for authentic and practical ways to accept, love, and encourage each other deeply in order to build friendships and strengthen our faith. We also believe that healthy families reproduce.

Authentic Influence (Evangelism)

All we have at the end of the day is our ability to influence. We want to leverage the power of our influence through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for the sake of the gospel. We promote and practice accountability to safeguard and sustain our influence.

Servanthood (Ministry)

“If SOMEONE has to, why not ME.” God has called us to serve one another in the example of Christ’s humility and through the gifting of our lives by the Holy Spirit. Every member is a minister.

Missional Living (Missions)

Every believer is called to live as Christ in any and every context and to go and be Christ in any and every geographical or cultural context. Through the expressions of Christ’s love manifest through the body, the world can thus experience the hope and restoration Christ offers. We want the world to know that “God has come to help his people.”